Citizen USA and Ireland


  • Patty Hudak in China- May 2015, BEING 3 GALLERY, Plastic Factory, Beijing, China
  • Patty Hudak- June 2014, GRACE ART HOTEL GALLERY, 798 Arts District, Beijing, China
  • True Colors -June 2013, US EMBASSY BEIJING AMERICAN CENTER, Beijing, China
  • Places and Curves-October 2010, NO. 8 SHANG BA, Beijing, China
  • On the Curve-November 2009, VIVA NOW, Beijing, China
  • Garden Helices-February 2008, 5 OPT GALLERY, Hong Kong, SAR
  • Random Samples-August 2000, SOUTH END ART HOP, Burlington, VT, USA
  • New Work-May 1992, WILLIAMSBURG ART FESTIVAL, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA


  • St Brigid's Day, January, 2019, 12 Star Gallery (London), Hamilton Gallery, Ireland
  • In the Details, January, 2019, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
  • Feverish World, October 2018, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Scorched, July, 2018, Studio Place Arts, Barre, Vermont
  • An Irish Airman Foresees His Death, June-November 2018, HAMILTON GALLERY, Sligo, Ireland
  • MI-LAB Advanced Exhibition, January, 2018, 3301 CHIYODA SPACE, Tokyo, Japan
  • Beyond the Three Perfections,  October 2017- January 2018, DUBLIN CASTLE COACH HOUSE, Dublin, Ireland
  • SteamFest Vermont, September 2017, Essex Hub, Essex, Vermont
  • TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR,  October, 2017, Art Byte Critique, Tokyo, Japan 
  • MI-LAB Advanced Exhibition, July, 2017. 3301 CHIYODA SPACE, Tokyo, Japan 
  • Surface(s), March, 2017, Art Byte Critique at NISHIMACHI ARTIST SPACE, Tokyo, Japan
  • MI-LAB Basic Exhibition, January, 2017, 3301 CHIYODA SPACE, Tokyo, Japan 
  • Art Livers, December, 2016, Art Livers at NISHIMACHI ARTIST SPACE, Tokyo, Japan
  • TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, September, 2016, Art Byte Critique, Tokyo, Japan 
  • Shadow Sides, (with Barbara Ishikura) March 2016, NISHIMACHI ART SPACE, Tokyo, Japan
  • Birth of a Nation, Irish Wave Festival, March, 2016,  NING GALLERY, 798 ART DISTRICT, Beijing, China
  • Golden Fleece, Irish Wave Festival, March, 2015, INTER ART GALLERY, Beijing, China
  • Shadows, March, 2014, CHINA CENTRAL MALL, Beijing, China
  • Convergence, March, 2014, 3C CREATIVE MALL, 798 ART DISTRICT, Beijing, China
  • Walls and Borders, March, 2013, 3C CREATIVE MALL, 798 ART DISTRICT, Beijing, China
  • Art and Friendship, May 2012, XYZ GALLERY, 798 ART DISTRICT, Beijing, China





  • Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant, 2018-2019
  • Baby Forest, Membership Award, 2018
  • United States Embassy in China, Arts Grant Award, 2015 
  • Being 3 Gallery Geography Project Award, 2015
  • BA Graduate of Wellesley College, Studio Art. 1984
  • Stecher Scholarship In Art History to Venice, Florence, Rome Italy, 1983
  • Stecher Scholarships In Studio Art in South of France, Vaucluse, 1983
  • University of New Haven, New Haven, CT 1980-1981, Biological Illustration
  • Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT 1978-1981 Painting, Drawing and Anatomy
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