Mokuhanga Workshop in Burlington


At the New New Art Studio

4 Howard Street, Suite I-17, Burlington Vermont, 05401

February 9 -11, 2024
Friday - via Zoom, 7 - 8 pm
Sat. & Sun. - in-person
10 am - 4 pm 
This class is an introduction to mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) using sumi ink for printing.
Originating in China, then refined in the Edo Period in Japan, mokuhanga is experiencing a revival internationally as a nature based art form.
Trained in Japan, Patty Hudakwill guide participants in the
immersive techniques of carving and printing, using handmade brushes, Japanese paper, starch glue, sumi, and a handheld baren to carve and print an edition of sumi prints. We will cover the history and importance of sumi ink in Asia, and its potential as a medium for printmakers. Supplies included.

For more information, click here.

Dynamism at The Vermont Studio Center

Kites and Darts: 7

Kites and Darts: 6

Dynamism: A group Exhibit featuring Studios at VSC Artists

December 6, 2023 through January 25, 2024.

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 9 from 4-6 PM

Closing Reception: Thursday, January 25 from 6:30-7:30 PM

Vermont Studio Center hosts Dynamism, an exhibition of new media and traditional art featuring the work of Studios at VSC Artists, a community of artists living in or near Johnson with studios on site.  We invite viewers to see colorful, poetic, abstract landscapes by Arista Alanis; interactively-originated digital images by Fletcher Bach; a site-specific interactive installation by janet e. dandridge; kite and dart series mokuhanga collage prints by Patty Hudak; color-contrast alternative method paintings by Katherine Langlands; collected antiquities reborn into figurative assemblage sculptures by Sabine Likhité; complex life-inspired sculptural forms by Meg McDevitt; intergenerational inquiry image-on-ceramic pieces by Corinne Planche; abstract, Informalistic paintings by Lynne Reed; and large, gestural, figurative drawings by Jo Weiss.    

Woven into Studio Tour Nights and the audience for Visiting Artist and Writers’ talks, Vermont Studio Center has been enriched by community artist program.  Each VSC studio artist/writer has an independent space dedicated to practice art making and contemplation. Having studios in close proximity to each other yields opportunities to get to know each other and the residents. 

We had a nice write up  in the Times Argus by Artist Correspondent Mary Gow.

Arista Alanis 

Fletcher Bach 

janet e. dandridge 

Patty Hudak 

Katherine Langlands 

Sabine Likhite 

Michael Mahnke

Meg McDevitt 

Corinne Planche 

Lynne Reed 

Jo Weiss 

Mokuhanga New Year’s Card

I will be teaching two weekend mokuhanga workshops in December, where we will carve and print a holiday New Year card. 

Two Rivers Printmaking Studio, White River Junction, VT


SAT AND SUN, DEC. 2 & 3, 10 - 4 PM

This will be a two day workshop, we will have time to work with two or three color designs

Information and the link to register is here: Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT

This will be a one day workshop, simple carving, one block

Information and the link to register is here: Southern Vermont Arts Center


Fall Mokuhanga Workshop in Stowe, VT


(Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Friday, November 10 (6-8pm meet and greet, demonstration/open to public lecture)
  • Saturday + Sunday, November 11 + 12 (10am-4pm)

This class will introduce mokuhanga techniques using gouache as the medium for printing. We will be using Holbein’s set of gouache, Traditional Colors of Japan: Autumn, as inspiration for our prints. Originating in Korea and China, then refined in the Edo Period in Japan, mokuhanga (Japanese water-based woodblock printing) is experiencing a contemporary revival as a nature-based art form. I will guide participants in the immersive techniques of carving and printing, using handmade brushes, Japanese paper, rice glue, gouache, and a handheld baren to carve and print 2-color mokuhanga prints. We will cover the history of color in Japanese prints, and the potential of mokuhanga as a medium for contemporary printmakers.  

The 2-day workshop will be preceded by a public lecture, demonstration and meet-and-greet on Firday, November 10th from 6-8pm. 

If you would like more information and registration, you can contact The Current Education here.

100 Works on Paper, Kentler Benefit


100 Works on Paper BENEFIT 2023

Saturday, October 7, 6pm (IN-PERSON BENEFIT)

OVER 100 ARTISTS support Kentler’s continued mission by generously donating original drawings & works on paper to Kentler’s Annual Benefit, celebrating their 33rd year! 


VIEW some of the 100 Works on Paper and get more info. 

EXHIBITION ON VIEW: September 21 - October 6 (Thurs.-Sun., 12 - 5pm)

KICK-OFF PARTY: Saturday, September 23, 4 - 6pm (open to the public)

All proceeds support Kentler’s 2023/24 Exhibitions & Public Programs, The Kentler Flatfiles, and K.I.D.S. Art Education. Kentler International Drawing Space, founded by two artists in 1990, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing to the public contemporary drawings and work on paper by emerging and under-recognized local, national and international artists, and to providing the opportunity to experiment, explore and expand the definition of art in society. Join their growing community of Kentler Supporters & Collectors!

22 Views of Mokuhanga at Elizabethtown College

I am so delighted that my work will be included in this thoughtful exhibition of contemporary mokuhanga works. Many of the artists included in this exhibition gave me both instruction and direction in mokuhanga, and inspired me to find my voice in the medium.

September 21-December 1, 2023

Opening reception September 21,  4-6 pm

Lyet Gallery 

Elizabethtown College 

Elizabethtown, PA

“22 Views of Mokuhanga” showcases work from twenty-two contemporary artists practicing mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking technique. The selected artists are based in the US, Japan, Finland, England, and Poland and vary in style and technique. The exhibition includes work from Cameron Bailey, Katie Baldwin, Linda Beeman, Marta Boźyk, Mary Brodbeck, Eric Conrad, Kathryn Desforges, Stella Ebner, Kevin Francis, Mokuhanga Sisters Collective, Matthew Willie Garcia, Takuji Hamanaka, Patty Hudak, Sarah Hulsey, Mike Lyon, Tuula Moilanen, Yoonmi Nam, Florence Neal, Mia O, Melissa Schulenberg, Chihiro Taki, and Stephen Winiecki. Free and Open to the public.

ETOWN Arts and Culture CalendarArtist Chihiro Taki

Best Made Plans at Philly Fringe Festival

See Here Now Pop-Up 

2237 N. Front St. 1st floor, Philadelphia, PA 19133 

Gallery Hours: September 9, 12-6pm & September 10, 12-6pm. Drop-in, free. 

Opening Reception: September 9, 6-8pm. 

I am exhibiting with See Here Now in a Pop Up Exhibition at the Philly Fringe Festival. 

An exhibition titled “Best Laid Plans” at See Here Now Pop-Up Enterprises Worldwide Gallery as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2023 is scheduled to take place on September 9, 12-6 p.m. & September 10, 12-6 p.m., 2023. The opening reception of the exhibition is scheduled to take place on September 9, 6-8 p.m., 2023. This exhibition is the curated group exhibition of absurd, incomplete, stalled, and discarded works, projects and ideas by local and national artists Christine Walinski, Sabrina Small, Christopher Moss, Ronna Lebo, Patty Hudak, Robert Fanelli, Shannon Cronin and Derek Ayres

“The standard visual art exhibition traditionally presents polished objects and ideas, ready to be considered and defended. This is not that. Eight artists present a room full of abandoned projects, suspect ideas, unworkable proposals, and folly that suggests the residue of struggle can still yield poetry.” 

- 2023 Philly Fringe Festival Guide 

By presenting drawings and works on paper consisting of abandoned ideas and projects, harebrained schemes, weird notebook pages, shitastic drawings, and failed preliminary studies, “Best Laid Plans” embraces imperfection and unveils artistic churning. To that end, this exhibit defies convention by exploring artistic experimentation and vulnerability, celebrates the raw, impractical, and stalled, and ultimately grants access to artists’ personal journeys by exposing triumphs and tribulations and showing how the sausage is made.” 

I am showing a number of drawings I aimed to transfer and carve 

onto magnolia blocks and print with sumi ink under the guidance of a Japanese sensei. After two months prep, and breaking many knife blades while chipping away outlines, I realized I had neither the skill nor tenacity to finish the project, resulting in a deepened respect for the process and adjusted expectations vis-a-vis my skill set at the time. See Hear Now will be exhibiting some of these drawings and some of the partially carved woodblocks. 

Vermont Studio Center Needs Your Help

You may have heard that the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson VT was hit hard by recent flooding. Their permanent collection of prints, dating from the 1980’s until now, was partially under water.  Thankfully, much of the collection was recovered, with about one third needing further restoration. With the guidance of Sarah Amos, who oversaw the production of these prints, I will be leading a team of volunteers to rinse and flatten prints, while others will be going in for professional conservation. 

If you are able, we are looking for supplies and volunteers: 

Supplies: Newsprint, glassine, plastic sheeting, wood planks, and more.  

If you can donate supplies in person from your own inventory or order supplies online on our behalf, we will be in touch with an updated list of what is needed.

Donations: If you would like to donate funds for supplies, conservation treatment, and support our ongoing recovery flood efforts, please donate here:

Volunteering: Tuesdays & Thursdays in Johnson, VT starting mid-August  
If you can volunteer in person to help clean prints on a Tuesday or Thursday, we would love to have you here on campus. Training and supplies will be provided. If we receive supplies in the next few weeks, we hope to start the cleaning process mid-August. 

If you are willing to donate your time, supplies, or both , email directly to

Fall Mokuhanga Workshops at Southern Vermont Arts Center and Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

I will be teaching two mokuhanga workshops this fall:

Southern Vermont Arts Center

September 8 (Friday) 7–8 pm via Zoom (introduction)
September 9-10  (Saturday and Sunday)  10 am-4 pm in person

Follow this link for registration: Fall Mokuhanga at SVAC

Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

October 13 (Friday) 7–8 pm via Zoom (introduction)
October 14- 15  (Saturday and Sunday)  10 am-4 pm in person

Follow this link for registration: Fall Mokuhanga at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

I will be introducing mokuhanga techniques using gouache as the medium for printing. We will be using Holbein’s set of gouache, Traditional Colors of Japan: Fall, as inspiration for our prints,  celebrating the arrival of Fall. 

I will guide participants in the immersive carving and printing techniques,  using handmade brushes, Japanese paper, rice glue, gouache, and a handheld baren to carve and print mokuhanga prints. 

The workshops are open to all levels. 

What is covered:

Day 1: Over Zoom 


History, and meaning of the evolution of color in Japanese prints, as well as traditional symbols of Fall.  Examples of Japanese woodblock printing using layered color. 

Thoughts color and design, exploring the uses for contemporary artists. 

Planning and preparing your image. 

Day 2 (in person) 

Transfer our design/image to the block 

Demo, kento registration 

Carve block 

Hangito, lines, and clearing the block. 

Day 3: 


Dampening paper 

Setting up your workspace, placement of materials 

Using starch glue with gouache for printing. 

Application with brushes 

Using a baren for printing, varying pressure with your hand 

Specialty techniques, bokashi, gomazuri.  


What is supplied: 

8” x 10” Shina plywood blocks 

Japanese paper 

Tracing paper 

Carbon paper 


Carving tools (classroom use) 


Nori (starch glue) 

Freezer paper 

Brushes for applying gouache 

What to bring: 


Prepared design 

Carving tools, if you have any 


Open Studio Residency at Haystack, Deer Isle, Maine

I spent two weeks this spring at the Haystack Mountain Open Studio Residency in Deer Isle, Maine.  The residency sponsored over 50 artists to create and commune for two full weeks in their glorious studios and cabins, surrounded by nature. There was a lot of opportunity for experimentation, both in the digital realm as well as in craft mediums which have been represented throughout time.  I met the most incredible artists (everyone was nice!) and expanded my vocabulary in mokuhanga printmaking.  Here are some images which were a real breakthrough for me:

Review of Gyring Spiring in Seven Days

My exhibition, Gyring, Spiring at Minema Gallery in Johnson, VT was recently reviewed by Pamela Polston in Seven Days Vermont. In Vermont, we are lucky to have such an accomplished writer of the arts.  In 2021, Polston was recognized with Walter Cerf Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts, for her intelligent writing, which is critical to fostering dialogue about the arts in Vermont. In this review, she articulated my intentions, as I stumbled over words to describe to her my process and intent.  Thank you, Pamela Polston!

Artist Talk and Poetry Reading on April 30 at Minema Gallery

Join us for Paintings & Poetry on Sunday, April 30th, at 2pm at Minėmå Gallery on 2 Lower Main Street in Johnson VT.  I will give a short talk on the inspiration behind my work, relating it to the poetry of William Butler Yeats and the sublime emotions experienced in the Vermont woodlands. Poet Sarah Audsley will read from her newly published book of poetry called Landlock X.

Free and open to the public. All are welcome! Hope you can make it!

Collaborative Printing with Cone Editions

I am honored to receive an Artist Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council to print with the master printers at Cone Editions in East Topsham, VT.  The Artist Development Grant is available to support the career of artists living in the state of Vermont and is a great resource for developing an aspect of your art career that needs a little funding. Cone Editions is one of the top printing studios in the world, for digital, photographic, and creative images, and they invented many of the processes for outputting digital work. My project is to start to combine my digital work with my mokuhanga work- interesting because I am using the oldest printing process in the world and combining it with state-of-the-art printing of digital forms.  My date with them is 6/14/2023, so I am excited to prepare my work for printing.   Thank you to the Vermont Arts Council and to our legislators who make this funding possible. 

Book Fairs with Art Byte Critique in the UK

I will be participating in two contemporary artist book fairs with Art Byte Critique: PAGES: Reset - Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair  at the University of Leeds, in the UK  and Printed Bound at  Sunny Bank Mills, in  West Yorkshire, UK. I began making artist books with Art Byte Critique in 2015, as a way to work out ideas for my projects. It’s become a great way for me to visualize my thoughts and create a completed idea in book form. Our table was organized by Yiru Sun- You can see more of her work here.

Gyring, Spiring at Minema Gallery in Johnson, VT

Patty Hudak

Minėmå Gallery

Johnson, VT

Gyring, Spiring

March 14th - May 6th, 2023

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 26th, 2-3pm

I am delighted to be exhibiting my recent paintings at Minėmå Gallery in Johnson, VT from March 14-May 6, 2023.  Minėmå is a micro contemporary public art gallery currently exhibiting Vermont-based, female-identifying artists working in a multitude of fine art and craft disciplines. Minėmå was realized in 2020 by and wife/husband team, Kyle Nuse and Michael Mahnke- visionaries, artists, and activists. They focus on creating an inclusive space fostering diverse artistic dialogue, sensory impulses, and social change.

I hope you can make it to the reception on March 26 from 2-3pm, or at any time before May 6. The gallery is located at 2 Lower Main Street, Johnson, Vt . 

The opening hours are Tues-Sat 10-4 & by appointment. 

Haystack Open Studio

I am so delighted to have been selected to participate in the Haystack Open Studio Residency taking place May 28 to June 19, 2023 in Deer Isle, Maine. As an endowed program, there is no cost to attend. 

Haystack’s Open Studio Residency fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas among peers and provides two weeks of studio time and an opportunity to work in a community of makers. The program supports approximately fifty participants—from the craft field and other creative disciplines—who have uninterrupted time to work in six studios (ceramics, blacksmithing, fiber, graphics, metals, and wood) to develop ideas and experiment in various media. Participants can choose to work in one particular studio or move among them depending on the nature of their work. All of the studios are staffed by technicians who can assist with projects.

While I am at Haystack, I will develop ideas around mokuhanga printmaking and also, experiment in Haystack’s Fab Lab with digital options for carving surfaces for printing. 

I am so excited for this opportunity!

Mokuhanga Workshop at Two Rivers Print Studio in Vermont

I am looking forward to teaching a mokuhanga workshop at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio in White River Junction, Vermont on April 14-16. We will be using Holbein’s set of gouache, Traditional Colors of Japan: Spring, as inspiration for our prints, celebrating the arrival of Spring. Originating in China, then refined in the Edo Period in Japan, mokuhanga (Japanese water-based woodblock printing) is experiencing a contemporary revival as a nature-based art form and its relevance in expressing contemporary concerns. For information and registration contact Two Rivers Printmaking Studio here.

Seven Days Top 10 Vermont Art Exhibits of 2022

Seven Days Vermont Mokuhanga Sisters, Southern Vermont Arts Center SVAC Pamela Polston

Mokuhanga Sisters is deeply grateful to Seven Days and Pamela Polston for this beautiful recognition. Polston is an award winning writer and critic, who expertly interprets out meaning and intentions for this exhibition. Thank you to Alison Crites, Anne Corso, and the Southern Vermont Arts Center for giving us this opportunity to create this exhibition and for the Kentler International Drawing Space and St Lawrence University for their support in traveling this exhibition to their beautiful spaces.

Pamela Polston’s response to our exhibition, The World Between the Block and the Paper is a beautiful interpretation of what we set out to achieve.

“As the somewhat esoteric title hinted, this was an exhibition of wood-block prints. The “world” referred to the myriad possibilities in the moment when carved, inked wood spoke to paper. Specifically, the exhibit featured a Japanese method of printmaking called mokuhanga. Visitors were introduced to an international group called Mokuhanga Sisters, which includes Vermont artist and exhibition cocurator Patty Hudak.

In addition to presenting their own work in vastly different styles, each artist invited a teacher or a student to participate. The total number of prints was a whopping 174. It was a collective testament to the versatility of a timeless art form. Some of the pieces were unframed or even sculptural, showing the surprisingly tensile strength of a seemingly fragile medium.

A captivating installation in the art center’s library paid homage to the artists’ mentors, as well as artisans who handcraft the traditional tools used in mokuhanga. The distinctively Japanese protocol of mutual respect permeated this exhibition and left an indelible impression on viewers as surely as ink on paper.”

The entire exhibition is archived here: The World Between the Block and the Paper

Launch Pad Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

NOVEMBER 18 - 28, 2022, 13:00 - 19:-00

Art Byte Critique is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a community connecting artists around Tokyo.  Founded by Arthur Huang as a Tokyo Art Collective and think tank it has evolved into vital artistic network of printmakers, painters, sculptors, video artists, and more. Join us at Launch Pad Gallery for 10 

Organized by member artist Deanna Gabiga, the exhibition includes both artists who are local to Tokyo, as well as international artists who have a history of working in Japan.

mokuhanga with sumi and silver ink

100 Works on Paper: Kentler International Drawing Space

Patty Hudak, Depth Spirit, 2021, mokuhanga collage on panel, 22" x 16.75"
Kentler International Drawing Space

Patty Hudak, Depth Spirit, 2021, mokuhanga collage on panel, 22” x 16.75

100 Works on Paper | Benefit Exhibition 2022

Kentler International Drawing Space

October 1 – 16, 2022

 Kentler International Drawing Space supports both artists and the local Brooklyn community by promoting both the production and exhibition of works on paper.  ALL PROCEEDS SUPPORT Kentler’s Exhibitions & Public Programs, The Kentler Flatfiles and K.I.D.S. Art Education. Kentler International Drawing Space, founded by two artists in 1990, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing to the public contemporary drawings and work on paper by emerging and under-recognized national and international artists, and to providing the opportunity to experiment, explore and expand the definition of art in society. Their benefit is a great way to support such a valuable artistic asset, while collecting a work of art at below market prices. 

Wood Paper Ink at the Richard F Brush Gallery at St Lawrence University


Circulation of the Light

My print collages, Circulation of the Light and Patterning will be included in the exhibition, Wood Paper Ink at the Richard F Brush Gallery at St Lawrence University, in Canton, NY from September 12- October 8, 2022.  

Wood Paper Ink explores mokuhanga, a traditional method of Japanese water-based woodblock printing, and its expansion from Japan to the international world of contemporary art. Organized by the Mokuhanga Sisters and the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery, the exhibition presents diverse examples of the environmentally sustainable printmaking process.

MULTIPLE AVENUES: Artists Explore Printmaking

My work, Awakening in the Darkening Night, will be included in Two Rivers Print Studio’s Faculty Exhibition, Multiple Avenues: Artists Explore Printmaking from September 9- October 31, 2022. 

Opening reception will be on October 7 from 5-7pm.

Exhibiting artists include Michael Smoot, Susan Smereka, Jes Raymond, Lynn Newcomb, Mary Mead, Patty Hudak, Rachel Gross, and Janet Cathey. Though the work is widely varied, a common thread exists among these artists and teachers; each is constantly learning and exploring themselves, collaborating, drawing inspiration from mentors and others, and seeking balance.

Between Worlds: Mokuhanga at the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, Brooklyn

This summer, (2022) my print collective, Mokuhanga Sisters collaborated with the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, Brooklyn  to present the exhibition, Between Worlds: Mokuhanga. This exhibition explores the expansion of traditional Japanese woodblock printing (mokuhanga) from Japan into the global world of contemporary art and  presents contemporary examples of this environmentally sustainable printmaking process.

My work included a 30 ft long print installation called Two Trees, named after the poem by WB Yeats. I am interested in the variety of imagery in Yeats poetry, where he relates nature to the experiences of love and death. 

Also include is my mokuhanga print collage called Secret of the Flower, where I am combining energetic forms to create imagery related to explorations of mental expansion. This piece measures 36 x 48 inches.

We had a lot of success with this exhibition, forming a great relationship with the Kentler, and sharing  the technical innovations of mokuhanga and contemporary themes of identity, place, environment, and gender from artists working around the world. We were so thankful to get a mention from Hyperallergic as well as from This Week in New York, and support from The Japan Foundation, St Lawrence University, Southern Vermont Arts Center, and others.

Using Format