MULTIPLE AVENUES: Artists Explore Printmaking

My work, Awakening in the Darkening Night, will be included in Two Rivers Print Studio’s Faculty Exhibition, Multiple Avenues: Artists Explore Printmaking from September 9- October 31, 2022. 

Opening reception will be on October 7 from 5-7pm.

Exhibiting artists include Michael Smoot, Susan Smereka, Jes Raymond, Lynn Newcomb, Mary Mead, Patty Hudak, Rachel Gross, and Janet Cathey. Though the work is widely varied, a common thread exists among these artists and teachers; each is constantly learning and exploring themselves, collaborating, drawing inspiration from mentors and others, and seeking balance.

Between Worlds: Mokuhanga at the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, Brooklyn

This summer, (2022) my print collective, Mokuhanga Sisters collaborated with the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, Brooklyn  to present the exhibition, Between Worlds: Mokuhanga. This exhibition explores the expansion of traditional Japanese woodblock printing (mokuhanga) from Japan into the global world of contemporary art and  presents contemporary examples of this environmentally sustainable printmaking process.

My work included a 30 ft long print installation called Two Trees, named after the poem by WB Yeats. I am interested in the variety of imagery in Yeats poetry, where he relates nature to the experiences of love and death. 

Also include is my mokuhanga print collage called Secret of the Flower, where I am combining energetic forms to create imagery related to explorations of mental expansion. This piece measures 36 x 48 inches.

We had a lot of success with this exhibition, forming a great relationship with the Kentler, and sharing  the technical innovations of mokuhanga and contemporary themes of identity, place, environment, and gender from artists working around the world. We were so thankful to get a mention from Hyperallergic as well as from This Week in New York, and support from The Japan Foundation, St Lawrence University, Southern Vermont Arts Center, and others.

Kentler Flat Files

My work has been accepted to the The Kentler Flatfiles, at the Kentler International Drawing Center in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The Kentler Flat Files are an essential element of Kentler International Drawing Space since its founding in 1990. A collection of over 2,000 artworks by local, national and international artists, this living archive represents the incredible breadth and diversity found in contemporary drawings and works on paper.

My work can by viewed through the Kentler’s digital files. Every artist has a link, my link is here: Patty Hudak in the Kentler Flat Files

You can also make an appointment at the gallery, here.

Sailing to Byzantium’s permanent home

My installation, “Sailing to Byzantium” has found a permanent home in Ireland- remarkably, not too far from where my mother was born! Acquired by the author, journalist, and art collector, Olivia Cox-Fill, the work was recently celebrated at a reception at the author’s home in Lough Gur, where she hosted a garden party that included a tour of her extensive gardens. I had the pleasure of reading Yeats’ poem, under the canopy fo the installation, with some of the most interesting people I have every met.  The conversation was lively and engaging, and the food was amazing! 

New Prints Off the Block

My print collective, Mokuhanga Sisters invites you to submit your mokuhanga works for this juried exhibition. No submission fee!

The Richard F. Brush Art Gallery at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, announces a call for entry for original prints with an emphasis on mokuhanga.  

Mokuhanga is a traditional Japanese style of woodblock printing that utilizes water-based inks and is printed by hand using a baren. 

The exhibition will be juried by Mokuhanga Sisters, a print collective of nine international artists bound together by their love for mokuhanga. 

All accepted works must utilize mokuhanga as the primary medium.  Small 3-d works and artist’s books that utilize mokuhanga will also be considered; these accepted works may be displayed in glass exhibition cases. The exhibition will run from September 12 through October 8, 2022.All applications must be submitted via this link:


This juried exhibition is open to all international artists.  Work should have been created in the past 5 years.  There is no fee to apply.  

Studios at Vermont Studio Center

I am so thankful to announce that I received a  Studios at Vermont Studio Center Grant,  to support production of my mokuhanga prints. This will reduce my monthly rental costs to make the creation of these prints more sustainable, and allow me to develop them in the engaging setting of the Vermont Studio Center.

The grant to support studio rentals for Vermont artists is supported through the generosity of individuals and by grants from the Artist Resource Trust and the Oakland Foundation.

Thank you for supporting Vermont artists!

Mokuhanga Pecha Kucha

You are invited to a Zoom IM PechaKucha event!

I will be presenting with 2 other members of the Mokuhanga Community:

Terry McKenna who runs the Karuizawa Mokuhanga School in Japan and 

Andre Zadorozny who hosts the podcast, The Unfinished Print.

International Mokuhanga Association (IMA) invites you to join a scheduled Zoom event, continuing our conversations from the IMC2022 Virtual Conference.

We are pleased to have PechaKucha presentations by three wonderful mokuhanga artists!

1 - Terry McKenna (Japan) — “Water is Life”  
2 - Patty Hudak (U.S.)— “Mokuhanga Connections: Finding Support in our Community”
3 - Andre Zadorozny (Canada) — “The Unfinished Print: Understanding The Mokuhanga  Community”

The Event: 45 minutes
• 10 minutes each presentation / up to 20 images
• Open discussion follows 

Register in advance for this event so that we can send you a reminder!!! IM PechaKucha /register
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Time: Saturday, Feb 26, 8 pm (EST) (US and Canada) / Japan – Feb. 27, 10am (JST)Hosted by: Kentler International Drawing Space

I hope you can make it!

World Between the Block and the Paper


The World Between the Block and the Paper 

On View: December 11, 2021 - March 27, 2022 

Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, VT 

The Mokuhanga Sisters Print Collective and the Southern Vermont Arts Center are presenting an exhibition of Mokuhanga works demonstrating the versatility of contemporary water based woodblock printmaking.  With over 23 artists represented, the exhibition seeks to create links between the growing community of contemporary artists using this eco friendly process to create meaningful works of art. 

Exhibiting Artists:
Katie Baldwin invites Chihiro Taki
Patty Hudak invites Louise Rouse
Mariko Jesse invites Hidehiko Gotou
Kate MacDonagh invites Katsutoshi Yuasa
Yoonmi Nam invites Matthew Willie Garcia
Mia O invites Terry McKenna
Lucy May Schofield invites Ayao Shiokawa
Melissa Schulenberg invites Brendan Reilly

Our teachers:
Hidehiko Gotou
Kyoko Hirai 
Shoichi Kitamura 
Tetsuo and Toshio Soyama

Our community:
Annie Bissett
Sarah Hulsey 
Jennifer Mack-Watkins 
Florence Neal
April Vollmer

Awagami Paper Award, International Mokuhanga Conference

I am so honored to be the recipient of the Awagami Paper Award from the International Mokuhanga Conference this year, taking place in Nara, Japan. The Awagami Paper Company have been producing paper for over 6 generations by the Fujimori family in Tokushima, Japan, while keeping up with tradition and the needs of contemporary artists worldwide. The award includes 50 sheets of Awagami Paper, which is some of the best paper in the world.

I am indebted to my fantastic teachers from Japan, for the residencies that I attended by the Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory in Kawaguchi-ko, Japan, under the shadow of Mt. Fuji, for the privilege of attending carving practice in the studio of Motoharu Asaka, and for the workshop in the studio of Katsutoshi Yuasa, in Tokyo. I particularly love the community of artists who are practicing Mokuhanga internationally, particularly the group of women we call the “Mokuhanga Sisters”, who have guided my practice since 2017.

Times Argus reviews “Botanical Ornaments” at TW Wood Museum

Mary Gow, from the Times Argus reviewed my exhibition “Botanical Ornaments”, at the TW Wood Museum in Montpelier, VT.  We had a lovely conversation, where we discussed how humans relate to trees, and how we can reconnect to nature through our relationships with plants. She has some very beautiful insights not only into my artwork, but her writing about art in general exposes her sensitivity to visual media and to the concerns of our times.  You can read the review here: “Botanical Ornaments” Patty Hudak Finds Solace in Nature

Botanical Ornaments at TW Wood Museum

I will be exhibiting my large scale installation, Botanical Ornaments, at the Nuquist Gallery at the TW Wood Museum  in Montpelier VT, from August 6- October 30. This work is inspired by the spiritual and mystical sensations from  the woodlands of rural Vermont.

Botanical Ornaments is a fabric installation explores humanity’s role as a part of nature, and the possibilities of what happens when the boundaries between the two dissolve. The installation features a large painted fabric stage, which can be entered, giving the feeling of immersion within the painted surface.

The installation is accompanied by three large scale prints, that personify the experience of spiritual oneness with the natural world.

For more information, you can contact the gallery at 802-262-6035 or email or at The gallery is located at the Center for Arts and Learning, 46 Barre Street, Montpelier, VT 05602, and is opened from Thursday-Saturday from 12-5pm. 

Lightness of Being at Minema Gallery in Johnson, VT

Minema Gallery, in Johnson, VT, will be exhibiting my work “Botanical Ornament 5” in their group exhibition “Lightness of Being” from June 29- August 28, 2021, along with the work of Tuyen My Nguyen, Chiara No, and Tara Thacker. There will be a closing party for the exhibition on August 28, at 5pm, all are welcome. The setting is beautiful, and also, the town hosts a great series of music, on Tuesday evenings, all summer. 

Kanreki at Graphic Studio Dublin

Come Closer, Mokuhanga

Kanreki – an exhibition of Mokuhanga prints by members of Graphic Studio Dublin and invited artists, will be on view from Saturday 29 May – Saturday 19 June 2021, at the Graphic Studio Gallery, in Dublin, Ireland.

Mokuhanga is a traditional printmaking technique that was made internationally known by Ukiyo-e artists – Utamaro, Hokusai and Hiroshige, for example – during the Edo period in Japan (1603 – 1863). Moku means wood in Japanese, and hanga means print. This water-based technique is similar to that of Chinese and Korean woodblock printing but master printers in Japan developed special characteristics such as the kento registration system that make Mokuhanga uniquely Japanese. 
Mokuhanga is an environmentally friendly technique. It uses only natural materials: wood, watercolour, washi (Japanese handmade paper) and a baren (a handheld tool made from bamboo to print without the need of a printing press). The pigments are applied with a brush and, though being printed by hand, the image is pressed deeply into the washi paper.
The artists in this exhibition have studied traditional Mokuhanga printmaking – adapting it to their own practice using contemporary innovations. Moya Bligh (1954 – 2009), who lived in Japan, introduced Mokuhanga to Graphic Studio Dublin in 1980s. Many of the other artists in this exhibition went on to study in Japan. There is now a growing international network of artists using this technique.
Kanreki is one of several exhibitions planned to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Graphic Studio Dublin. ‘Sixty’ is a magical number in Japanese culture. Kan means return or cycle and reki depicts calendar. It is a celebration of being reborn or of a new beginning. In Japan, Kanreki is traditionally symbolized by the colour red. All artists in this exhibition have incorporated red into their prints. 

Participating artists:

Yoko Akino, Moya Bligh, Debra Bowden, Kari Cahill, Cliona Doyle, Susan Early, Niamh Flanagan, Paul Furneaux, Mary Grey, Patty Hudak, Ann Kavanagh, Jennifer Lane, Louise Leonard, Kate MacDonagh, Ed Miliano, Ross McDonnell, Susan Mannion, Geraldine O’Reilly, Helen O’Sullivan, Robert Russell, Mateja Smic, Elke Thonnes, Vaida Varnagiene, Katsutoshi Yuasa

Flora at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA

I am so pleased that my print, Botanical Ornament 1, will be included in the exhibition, Flora, at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA, which runs from May 20-June 19, 2021.  The exhibition is truly gorgeous, and involves many artists for whom environmental healing is at the center of their work.  Here is a digital tour of the exhibition, created by a company called

This show presents the work of 50 artists from across the United States whose art evokes the wonder of plants or questions preconceived notions about them. Enlisting photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, video, and installation, these artists envision and observe the role of flora in raising awareness of planetary change, considering the human condition, and making a connection with the natural world. FLORA is juried by artist Mark Dion. 

For more information and hours, click here

Cone Editions

Spent the day at Cone Editions in East Topsham, Vermont, where Nathanael Kooperkamp and Walker Blackwell made my work look sooooo good! Handmade pigments in high tech prints on Japanese Awagami paper– mixing the old with the new- Thanks to Cathy Cone for her hospitality and introduction to the many possibilities of this process.

At Home in the Body

I am taking my second class with The Alternative Arts School. The course called At Home in the Body and is taught by the fabulous Janine Antoni. The course is transformative and experiential, with lists of questions and projects to open up the connections between our bodies, life, and art. I find myself questioning every aspect of what I am doing. The course is open to artists at all stages of their careers, the exchange of ideas is rich and personal, and there is also a lot of humor.

Solve Studio

I have been working with a think tank of artists, poets, craftspeople and a composer in a collective called Solve Studio. Conceived of by Claire Cuccio, Solve Studio is conceptualizing themes around depression, and how art could be used to mentor youth around these issues. 

The video above is a work in progress, which is exploring the feeling of going into a crater, a black hole, deep time and imagining the expansiveness of solitude and thinking, and how we can dissolve our individuality into a collective whole.

Arts and Culture of Nature

I am currently taking an online class with The Alternative Arts School. The mission of TAAS is to create a global community of artists who use the tools of art to create a better society. The instructors are among the brightest thinkers and practitioners in the world of art, and the student body is global, diverse in age, nationality, education levels and are themselves emerging leaders in both art and their local communities.

 The class I am taking is The Art and Culture of Nature, taught by Mark Dion, who encourages us to examine ideas about nature, and to challenge our own ideas about nature. His gentle persona, along with his own years of experience, lead to discussions which always seem to end too early. 

One of our assignments this week is to create a one minute nature video, I have attached mine here:

Using Format