Collaborative Printing with Cone Editions

I am honored to receive an Artist Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council to print with the master printers at Cone Editions in East Topsham, VT.  The Artist Development Grant is available to support the career of artists living in the state of Vermont and is a great resource for developing an aspect of your art career that needs a little funding. Cone Editions is one of the top printing studios in the world, for digital, photographic, and creative images, and they invented many of the processes for outputting digital work. My project is to start to combine my digital work with my mokuhanga work- interesting because I am using the oldest printing process in the world and combining it with state-of-the-art printing of digital forms.  My date with them is 6/14/2023, so I am excited to prepare my work for printing.   Thank you to the Vermont Arts Council and to our legislators who make this funding possible. 

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