22 Views of Mokuhanga at Elizabethtown College

I am so delighted that my work will be included in this thoughtful exhibition of contemporary mokuhanga works. Many of the artists included in this exhibition gave me both instruction and direction in mokuhanga, and inspired me to find my voice in the medium.

September 21-December 1, 2023

Opening reception September 21,  4-6 pm

Lyet Gallery 

Elizabethtown College 

Elizabethtown, PA

“22 Views of Mokuhanga” showcases work from twenty-two contemporary artists practicing mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking technique. The selected artists are based in the US, Japan, Finland, England, and Poland and vary in style and technique. The exhibition includes work from Cameron Bailey, Katie Baldwin, Linda Beeman, Marta Boźyk, Mary Brodbeck, Eric Conrad, Kathryn Desforges, Stella Ebner, Kevin Francis, Mokuhanga Sisters Collective, Matthew Willie Garcia, Takuji Hamanaka, Patty Hudak, Sarah Hulsey, Mike Lyon, Tuula Moilanen, Yoonmi Nam, Florence Neal, Mia O, Melissa Schulenberg, Chihiro Taki, and Stephen Winiecki. Free and Open to the public.

ETOWN Arts and Culture CalendarArtist Chihiro Taki

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