Fall Mokuhanga Workshops at Southern Vermont Arts Center and Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

I will be teaching two mokuhanga workshops this fall:

Southern Vermont Arts Center

September 8 (Friday) 7–8 pm via Zoom (introduction)
September 9-10  (Saturday and Sunday)  10 am-4 pm in person

Follow this link for registration: Fall Mokuhanga at SVAC

Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

October 13 (Friday) 7–8 pm via Zoom (introduction)
October 14- 15  (Saturday and Sunday)  10 am-4 pm in person

Follow this link for registration: Fall Mokuhanga at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio

I will be introducing mokuhanga techniques using gouache as the medium for printing. We will be using Holbein’s set of gouache, Traditional Colors of Japan: Fall, as inspiration for our prints,  celebrating the arrival of Fall. 

I will guide participants in the immersive carving and printing techniques,  using handmade brushes, Japanese paper, rice glue, gouache, and a handheld baren to carve and print mokuhanga prints. 

The workshops are open to all levels. 

What is covered:

Day 1: Over Zoom 


History, and meaning of the evolution of color in Japanese prints, as well as traditional symbols of Fall.  Examples of Japanese woodblock printing using layered color. 

Thoughts color and design, exploring the uses for contemporary artists. 

Planning and preparing your image. 

Day 2 (in person) 

Transfer our design/image to the block 

Demo, kento registration 

Carve block 

Hangito, lines, and clearing the block. 

Day 3: 


Dampening paper 

Setting up your workspace, placement of materials 

Using starch glue with gouache for printing. 

Application with brushes 

Using a baren for printing, varying pressure with your hand 

Specialty techniques, bokashi, gomazuri.  


What is supplied: 

8” x 10” Shina plywood blocks 

Japanese paper 

Tracing paper 

Carbon paper 


Carving tools (classroom use) 


Nori (starch glue) 

Freezer paper 

Brushes for applying gouache 

What to bring: 


Prepared design 

Carving tools, if you have any 


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