Kanreki at The Model in Sligo

Opens on December 3, 2020

Curated by Kate MacDonagh

Yoko Akino, Moya Bligh, Debra Bowden, Kari Cahill, Cliona Doyle, Susan Early, Niamh Flanagan, Paul Furneaux, Mary Grey, Patty Hudak, Ann Kavanagh, Jennifer Lane, Louise Leonard, Kate MacDonagh, Ed Miliano, Ross McDonnell, Susan Mannion, Geraldine O’Reilly, Helen O’Sullivan, Robert Russell, Mateja Smic, Elke Thonnes, Vaida Varnagiene, Katsutoshi Yuasa

Kanreki is an exhibition of Mokuhanga prints by members of Graphic Studio Dublin and invited artists. Mokuhanga is a traditional Japanese printmaking technique - moku means wood, and hanga means print. It is an environmentally friendly technique, using as it does only natural materials - wood, watercolour, washi (Japanese handmade paper) and a baren (a handheld tool made from bamboo to print without the need of a printing press). The pigments are applied with a brush and, though being printed by hand, the image is pressed deeply into the washi paper.

The artists in this exhibition have studied traditional Mokuhanga printmaking - adapting it to their own practice using contemporary innovations.

My image, Come Closer, will be included in this exhibition and is in a limited edition of 10 prints. For more information, please contact the Model.

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