World Between the Block and the Paper


The World Between the Block and the Paper 

On View: December 11, 2021 - March 27, 2022 

Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, VT 

The Mokuhanga Sisters Print Collective and the Southern Vermont Arts Center are presenting an exhibition of Mokuhanga works demonstrating the versatility of contemporary water based woodblock printmaking.  With over 23 artists represented, the exhibition seeks to create links between the growing community of contemporary artists using this eco friendly process to create meaningful works of art. 

Exhibiting Artists:
Katie Baldwin invites Chihiro Taki
Patty Hudak invites Louise Rouse
Mariko Jesse invites Hidehiko Gotou
Kate MacDonagh invites Katsutoshi Yuasa
Yoonmi Nam invites Matthew Willie Garcia
Mia O invites Terry McKenna
Lucy May Schofield invites Ayao Shiokawa
Melissa Schulenberg invites Brendan Reilly

Our teachers:
Hidehiko Gotou
Kyoko Hirai 
Shoichi Kitamura 
Tetsuo and Toshio Soyama

Our community:
Annie Bissett
Sarah Hulsey 
Jennifer Mack-Watkins 
Florence Neal
April Vollmer

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